A glorious day to you all!

Welcome to my blog. This is where you and your loved ones will find great encouragement in most aspects of trials and tribulations in their lives. This is the beginning of a journey that we don’t have to travel alone. You will not only find inspiring words to get you through your day, but you will also find more places to get the uplift you were looking for. Please keep in mind that Jesus loves each and everyone you. If you don’t know him or you have slowly turned away, don’t be discouraged. He is a very forgiving Father and will wait for you to return to Him. He has so many blessings awaiting you and your loved ones.

This blog will also have words and links to find other help in other parts of our lives. All we really need to get through this life is God’s loving word. But sometimes it takes us longer to get the Bible out and really commit to reading it. I highly recommend that you do dig into it though. It is where you will find the only truth.

I will be including a link page for as many trials we face in our lives. It will be updated once every week. Check back often and see what is in store and what kinds of things you can use to get you through tough times. All I ask is that you be patient with me in getting this information up on the screens to you. It’s hard to get it all when I have to search it out for you as well.

The link page will have different categories to make topics simpler to find. I would also like to encourage everyone to take the time to post questions and suggestions as to what you feel others would benefit from  that I should search out for you. I am here to help anyone I can in any way possible. This is a part of what God wants me to do. Good things in life take time to complete. That is if you want it done the right ways.  I wish you all the very best that God has for you in your journey through your life here on earth. Trust in Him and He will direct you ways.

God Bless you all!


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